The 3rd Annual Calabasas Special Speaker Series

Founders Hall, behind the Calabasas Library

All Speeches Begin at 7:30 pm, Doors Open at 7:00 pm

$25.00 per individual speaking engagement.

Tickets will be available both online & in-person beginning December 5, 2016.
Tickets can be purchased online through ACTIVE.NET
or in-person at the Calabasas Senior Center during regular business hours.
For more information, please visit or call (818) 224-1777

Each speaking engagement will be followed by coffee, desserts and conversation with the guest speaker.

Proudly Presented By:

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman
“Kurdistan: Island of Stability”

Friday, January 13, 2017, 7:30 pm

We are honored to welcome the Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to the United States to speak on the history and culture of the Kurds as well as the current situation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, an area that remains one of the last sanctuaries for ethnic and religious minorities. The Region also hosts more than 1.8 million Syrian refugees and internally displaced Iraqis who have fled violence and genocide. It is interesting to note that the Kurds have a relatively high female participation in government as well as in the combat units of their Peshmerga forces. Kurdistan remains an important partner of the United States and Global Coalition in the war against ISIS.

CODE: 8500.101


Dr. Elliot Engel
“A Light History of the English Language”

Friday, February 10, 2017, 7:30 pm

Back by popular demand, Professor Engel will tell us how our English language developed, tracing its origins from the Celts and Anglo Saxons. Why does English have more words than any other language? What are its many oddities? Using anecdotes, analysis and large doses of humor, author and scholar Dr. Engel will inform us about this topic that is as near as the tip of our tongues.

CODE: 8500.102


Michael McDaniel
“Pirates and Other Perils of the Sea: It’s Dangerous Out There!”

Friday, March 3, 2017, 7:30 pm

Certified maritime law specialist Michael McDaniel takes us inside the adventures, dangers and casualties of international air and ocean transportation. We will no longer take for granted the bounty of products we receive daily from around the world after we hear the exciting and often humorous behind-the-scenes stories of pirates, explosions, fires, smuggling, hurricanes and other perils to our products where the criminal activities alone cost us $50 billion yearly. We will see dramatic photos never seen on TV.

CODE: 8500.103


For additional information contact Kimberly Post at or call 224-1777.

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