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Wan-tai Economic & Trade Cooperation Talks confcenter.jpg (55792 bytes) aqconference.jpg (43320 bytes) confwide.jpg (73557 bytes) confdennisspeak.jpg (54776 bytes)
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Calabasas Councilmember Dennis Washburn speaks at the conference
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from Anqing Newspaper
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confsinger.jpg (32649 bytes) aqconfperf.jpg (45393 bytes) confperformance.jpg (44457 bytes) Downtown Anqing downtownlake.jpg (40115 bytes)

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Banquet lunchintlladies2.jpg (140103 bytes)
Left to Right - Ms. Ying Zhang, Anqing Foreign Affairs Section Chief,  Ms.Li Anfeng ,Director of Anqing Religious Bureau, Ms. Xu Hengqiu,Director of Anqing Public Health Bureau, Ms.Yin Youhua, Deputy Director of Anqing Committee of People's Congress,  Deborah Steller, Calabasas Media Director, and Cindy Borchard, Calabasas Finance Director
lunchduo.jpg (49372 bytes)
Ms. Li Anfeng and Mr.Xuan Qingyun, Deputy Head of Anqing Publicity Department
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lunchjoel.jpg (47244 bytes)
Mr. Su Rongsheng, Director of Anqing TV Station and Joel Washburn
lunchcindyf.jpg (44052 bytes)
Cindy and Mr.Tong Zhongqi, Deputy Director of Anqing Foreign Affairs Office
Meeting with Mr. Han Xiancong, Mayor of Anqing City mayoralliancepres.jpg (51102 bytes)
Bruce Ackerman, CEO San Fernando Valley Economic Alliance presents Mayor Han with a Resolution looking on are - Second from left, Interpreter Basil, far right of picture, Mr. Sun Yin, Anqing Foreign Affairs Office Director
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mayorDWpres.jpg (49176 bytes) mayorfriutgems.jpg (51534 bytes) mayorfruitgems.jpg (38450 bytes) mayorgroup3.jpg (55159 bytes) mayorgroup2.jpg (59663 bytes)
aqmeetthemayor2.jpg (49040 bytes) mayorpin.jpg (29556 bytes) AQdwbasilmayor.jpg (44397 bytes) 10b.jpg (31149 bytes)
Signing Ceremony
From Anqing Newspaper
signingceremonyb.jpg (37491 bytes)
Signing Ceremony
Stamp Exhibition stampkids.jpg (66309 bytes) stampsdw.jpg (42982 bytes) stampsgrou[.jpg (37093 bytes)
Deborah,  Mr.Wang Tao, Director of Anqing Post Office, Mr. Zhang Shi Yun, Chairman of Anqing's People's Political Consultative Conference, Cathy Ackerman, Bruce Ackerman, CEO San Fernando Valley Economic Alliance
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Ying Jiang Temple yingjiangtemple.jpg (34086 bytes) yingjianggroup.jpg (45473 bytes) yingjianAnqing.jpg (54214 bytes) yingjiangAnqing2.jpg (47902 bytes)
yingjiangcarollisa.jpg (25648 bytes) yingjiangcindypole.jpg (56068 bytes)
Cindy hugging the pole at the top for good luck
yingjiangdeborahyangtze.jpg (25235 bytes)
Overlooking the Yangtze River
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yingjiangincense.jpg (45233 bytes) yingjiangincensetemple.jpg (35976 bytes) yingjiangjoel.jpg (60233 bytes) yingjiangmonks.jpg (44262 bytes)
monksaq.jpg (45356 bytes)
yingjiangmonks2.jpg (52098 bytes)
yangtze.jpg (31237 bytes)
Yangtze River
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yingjiangyangtzecindy.jpg (22786 bytes) monk.jpg (56435 bytes) monksanqing.jpg (50547 bytes)
aqbund.jpg (43338 bytes) yangtze.jpg (31880 bytes) carolyangtze.jpg (32801 bytes) YingJiangTempleBuddha.jpg (57902 bytes)  
Calligraphy Museum calligraphyartist.jpg (66710 bytes) calligraphycarol.jpg (50335 bytes) calligraphydennis.jpg (52814 bytes) calligraphygroup.jpg (71177 bytes)
calligraphygroup2.jpg (76902 bytes) calligraphygroup3.jpg (60131 bytes) calligraphypattern.jpg (80669 bytes) calligraphysigning.jpg (32331 bytes) calligraphysunyin.jpg (37974 bytes)
Dragon dragon.jpg (60860 bytes) dragon2.jpg (51970 bytes) dragongroup.jpg (47634 bytes) dragonhead.jpg (48584 bytes)
goostercindy.jpg (56721 bytes)
Cindy and the Gooster
Hang Mei Opera hangmeioperahouse.jpg (34345 bytes)
Opera House
hangmeioperahouse2.jpg (34506 bytes)
hangmeiopera3.jpg (34442 bytes) hangmeiopera4.jpg (35988 bytes)
hangmeiopera.jpg (49582 bytes) hangmeiopera6.jpg (41272 bytes) hangmeiopera2.jpg (20748 bytes) hangmeiopera5.jpg (24102 bytes)  
National Opera Stamps Released During our visit stamp02.jpg (101963 bytes) stamp03.jpg (95539 bytes) stamp01.jpg (63635 bytes)  
scenic02.jpg (67450 bytes)
Scenic pictures of the Anhui Province
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