Project Title:

West Village at Calabasas


77-acre vacant site located at 4790 Las Virgenes Road at the eastern terminus of Agoura Road (APNs: 2069078009; and 011)


No approvals have been granted at this time

Developer Contact:

The New Home Company


Talyn Mirzakhanian, Senior Planner or Krystin Rice, Associate Planner at (818) 224-1600

Public Meeting Notices:

Development Review Committee Agenda – 11/15/16

November 2016 NEW
The project was reviewed by the City’s Development Review Committee (DRC) on November 15, 2016

October 2016
On October 17th, The New Home Company submitted an alternate project for the Canyon Oaks site. They have asked that this new submittal be processed independently from the application approved by Council.

Consistent with the General Plan designation and zoning for the property, the project proposes a Planned Development on the 10-acre PD-zoned portion of the property (consisting of mixed commercial retail & office, multi-family residences, and a town square), and multi-family residences on the 6-acre RM-20 zoned portion of the site. The remainder of the 77-acre property (approximately 79%) will be retained as open space with a new public trail connecting to existing trails through the site. To accomplish this project, the applicant is requesting the following permits: a Site Plan Review, a Scenic Corridor Permit, a Development Plan, an Oak Tree Permit, a Tentative Tract Map, and a Conditional Use Permit. The residential component of the proposed project consists of 205 for-sale and for-rent housing units (195 apartments/flats and 10 townhomes), eighteen of which will be affordable for low-income households. The commercial component of the proposed project consists of 150,000 square-feet of office and retail space. Some of the proposed commercial space is located within mixed-use buildings that include commercial space and residential units, while other commercial buildings are stand-alone. A total of 1,270 parking spaces are provided for the project through a combination of parking garages and surface parking.

While the General Plan and zoning allow for a maximum of 180 units on this site, the State mandated Density Bonus law grants a twenty percent density bonus when ten percent of units are provided as affordable housing for low-income households. Because this project includes ten percent of units as affordable housing for low-income households, the developer is allowed a maximum of 216 units on this site by State law. The New Home Company is, however, proposing 205 units. State law also obligates local jurisdictions to grant one concession of the developer’s choice for projects providing ten percent of units as affordable housing. The developer has stated in the application that the one concession they have selected is building height. Proposed building heights, therefore, will range from two to six stories.

Development of this project would require a significant amount of remedial grading to stabilize an ancient landslide hazard area on the southern portion of the site. Remedial grading is estimated to include approximately 1,387,200 cubic yards of cut and 1,460,200 cubic yards of fill, with 73,000 cubic yards of import. Additionally, non-remedial grading is estimated to include 624,253 cubic yards of cut and 263,750 cubic yards of fill, with approximately 360,503 cubic yards of export.

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