Ways you can promote wildlife habitat:

Donít litter.  Keep trash bags or ashtrays in places people are more likely to litter such as in your car.
Recycle and compost. Bottles, junk mail, oil, and coat hangers are just a few things that can be recycled. Organic matter (fruits, veggies, tea bags, coffee grinds, eggshells) and yard waste can be composted in a bin or on a spot of your backyard.
Eat lower on the food chain.  Diverse habitat is converted to a homogenized grass field for grazing animals, which displaces plants and animals and yields less food than if fruits and veggies were planted. 
Participate in tree planting and beach cleanup events.
Create habitats in your own backyard. Your local nursery can help you select native fire-resistant species to restore neighborhood habitat.
Promote land conservation, support national parks and land trusts. The Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy and Mountains Restoration Trust are just two of many organizations formed to preserve open space.

Remember that you are making a difference!

smmc.ca.gov - Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
www.mountainstrust.org - Mountains Restoration Trust
www.HealtheBay.org - Heal the Bay
www.californiawildlifecenter.org - California Wildlife Center
www.birdsource.org/gbbc  - Great Backyard Bird Count
www.tu.org - Trout Unlimited
www.pesticidewatch.org - Pesticide Watch
www.ducks.org - Ducks Unlimited
www.ran.org/index.html  - Rainforest Action Network
www.greenpeace.org - Greenpeace
www.nwf.org - National Wildlife Federation
www.unep.org - United Nations Environmental Program
www.sierraclub.org - Sierra Club
www.rmi.org - Rocky Mountain Institute
www.sierraforests.org - Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign
www.nwf.org/habitats - Schoolyard Wildlife Habitats
www.treepeople.org - TreePeople

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