Development Review Committee Agenda

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Development Review Committee Action Agenda

Meetings are held on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 2pm in conf. room 3 of City Hall.
Meetings are not televised.


The committee is comprised of representatives from all local public agencies having jurisdictional authority over development projects in the region. The purpose of the group is to provide applicants with review comments and coordinate responses when there are overlapping jurisdictional requirements required of applicants. Committee meetings are open to the public, and questions of a technical (code related) nature are accepted for discussion by the group. The Committee’s recommendations are made part of a public record and are provided to the director and/or planning commission for their consideration in rendering application decisions.



Representative, Planning Department

Representative, Building and Safety Department

Representative, Engineering Department

Representative, Traffic and Transportation Department

Representative, County of Los Angeles Fire Department

Representative, County of Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department

Representative, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

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Tom Bartlett, City Planner

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