The Inspection/Construction Division of the Public Works Department strives to enhance the quality of life in Calabasas by providing the technical guidance necessary to maintain the City’s infrastructure while planning for future growth. Specifically, Inspection/Construction reviews the design and construction of grading and infrastructure plans for new development, manages surveying and design drawing records; administers flood plan services and other programs.

The Inspection/Construction division also issues Encroachment Permits, which are permits required for all work or placement of objects within the public works right of way. Permits help to protect the public and the contractor from unsafe conditions, ensure proper placement of materials in the right of way, prevent obstruction of underground facilities, protect against damage to existing facilities, guarantee that the work will be done in accordance with all applicable standards and specifications and establish quality control inspections.

The permit assures that all the work will be done in accordance with applicable design and construction standards as well as insurance requirements needed to safeguard the public interest. Any person working within the public right-of-way must obtain a permit from the City and maintain a copy of the permit on site at all times during construction.

To obtain an encroachment permit or if you would like additional information, please call 818-224-1600.


Encroachment / Construction Permit
Citywide Fee Schedule


Public Works Policies and Procedures

PW 103 Special Restrictions for Issuance of Encroachment Permits on Major City Streets/Roads
PW 104 Utility Trench Steel Plate Requirements
PW 105 Pavement Cut Moratorium
PW 105.1 Listing of Streets Included In Pavement Cut Moratorium
PW 106 Trench Repair Within Paved Right-of-Way
PW 107 News racks Within City Rights-of-Way
PW 108 Placement of Trash Bins Within Public Right-of-Way
PW 109 Insurance Requirement for Work In Public Right-of-Way
PW 110 Instructions for Completing Encroachment Construction Permit by Applicant



Robert Yalda, P.E., T. E.
Public Works Director/City Engineer

Ben Chan
Deputy Public Works Director
Inspections / Construction Division
Luis Hernandez, Senior Inspector
Vacant, Inspector
Edward Hernandez, Maintenance Technician
Francisco Barbosa, Maintenance Technician
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