Solid Waste Franchised Hauler

The City of Calabasas has an exclusive franchise agreement with Waste Management/G.I. Industries to provide residential curbside solid waste and recycling collection services.

Waste Management
195 W. Los Angeles Ave.
Simi Valley, CA 93065 

Collection Service Levels

Service Level Trash Cart (blue) Yard Trimmings (green) Recycle (gray)
Super Recycler 32 gallon 96 gallon 96 gallon
Basic Service 64 gallon 96 gallon 96 gallon
Basic Plus 96 gallon 96 gallon 96 gallon






For a list of service rates, please click here, or call Waste Management for more information.

Curbside Collection Guidelines

Residents should place all carts at curbside no later than 7:00 am on your scheduled service day.

Place carts at curbside with the lid opening towards the street and side-by-side at least 12”-18” apart. Clearance should be 3 feet in each direction away from parked cars or freestanding objects.

Additional recycling carts are available at no charge. Additional trash carts are available for an extra monthly fee.

Recycle (Gray Cart)

All aluminum and steel cans • All colors of glass bottles and jars (including metal caps/lids) • Clear, colored, and white plastic containers • Newspapers and inserts • Junk mail • White ledger paper • Cardboard • Magazines • Colored and construction paper • Cereal boxes (plastic liners okay) • Telephone books • Pizza boxes (clean) • Milk/juice cartons • Empty aerosol cans • Empty, dry paint cans • Plastics #1-7

Food boxes (non-cardboard) • Food waste • Yard waste • Paper towels • Napkins • Tissue • Waxed paper • Tires • Disposable diapers • E-waste (computers, monitors, cell phones) • Household hazardous waste (oil, paint, batteries) • Compact florescent bulbs (CFL’s) • Dirt, cement or rock • Animal waste • Animal waste bags • Cat litter

Yard Trimmings (Green Cart)

Place yard trimmings directly into cart. Do not use plastic bags. Do not put dirt, rocks, trash or recyclables in this cart. All material must fit in cart or will not be collected.

NOTE: The City and Waste Management offer residents a food waste recycling program. To participate, simply place all food waste with your yard trimmings in your green cart. Free food waste pails are available to all residents. To obtain a food waste pail, call Waste Management at 800-675-1171.

Grass clippings • Branches • Leaves • Garden trimmings • Horse Manure • Shrubs • Food Waste

Acceptable Food Waste:
Meat, poultry, and Seafood (NO bones or shells) • Pasta, Rice, Bread, and Grains • Eggs and Dairy • Fruits and Vegetables.

Palm fronds • Yucca • Ice Plants • Plastic Bags • Plastic Flower Pots • Animal waste • Cut Flowers • House plants • Wood (untreated) • Wood Chips • Dead plants • Weeds • Soil/dirt • Rocks • Treated wood • Recyclables • Trash

Trash (Blue Cart)

All non-recyclable and non-hazardous materials are to be placed in your blue trash carts.

Additional Service Information

Household Hazardous Waste
   Bi-Monthly Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events
   At Your Door Hazardous Waste Collection Program

Electronic Waste
E-Waste Collection Events

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