Councilmember Mary Sue Maurer
Host John Loesing interviews one of the newest Calabasas City Councilmembers, Mary Sue Maurer.

Councilmember Maurer reviews her first year on the Calabasas City Council, the City policies, the effectiveness of their meetings and the many projects that the Council has accomplished. 

Tune in to find out about upcoming City Council plans, also to learn more about Councilmember Maurer's history and her career path.

Host John Loesing on set with Calabasas City Councilmember, Mary Sue Maurer.

alabasas City Councilmember
Mary Sue Maurer
For more info about Councilmember Maurer, click here to see her biography.

To find out more about the Calabasas City Council, to see past councils, or find out about upcoming meetings, click here for the Calabasas City Council Page.

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