Summer Recreation & 4th of July
Host John Loesing interviews Jeff Rubin, City of Calabasas Community Services Director.  Rubin reviews the many recreations events scheduled for the upcoming Summer session, including Summer camps, dance classes, sports programs and more.  The highlight will be the Calabasas 4th of July day and night events.
Tune in to find out more.
You may register for classes on-line on the City's Recreation webpage or by calling (818) 880-6461.

"To share the wealth of Calabasas’ resources and to enhance our community’s sense of pride through its willingness to help those in need, without prejudice, discrimination or by seeking favor or commercial gain."
 - Spirit of Calabasas Foundation

Host John Loesing on set with Spirit of Calabasas Foundation President Red Godfrey
Also on this episode, Loesing interviews Red Godfrey, a Calabasas resident, volunteer with the Red Cross Organization and President of The Spirit of Calabasas Foundation. Godfrey discusses the recent contributions that The Spirit of Calabasas Foundation has provided to the victims of the Katrina hurricane. Also, new this year, a fund raiser at the City of Calabasas 4th of July Parade.  Tune in to find out more.


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