Calabasas, A Living History - Join host Laura Nickerson, as she talks with Mary Gordon and Dennis Washburn about her book "TIQ SLO'W: The Making of a Modern Day Chief" a biography of a Native American Chief, Charlie Cooke.

Tune is as they discuss, Charlie Cook's leadership among other Native Americans, anthropologists, civic leaders, State Parks, and National Parks. With no positions of note or actual authority in many of the situations in which he found himself, Cooke was and is highly effective and much admired.

Mary Gordon encountered Charlie Cooke as a guest on one of her shows, she also volunteered at a National Park site where Charlie Cooke was a central figure. Mary Gordon observed him in action and was struck by his effective leadership style. She thought to herself that she would write about him one day.

She realized that Charlie Cooke's book required acquiring, managing, and analyzing massive amounts of narrative data, always with the goals of not losing the spirit that is TIQ SLO'W and immersing the reader in varied scenes across decades and causes.


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