Sara Applebaum

Author Sara Applebaum, discussing her series of books about her family and their struggles during WWII.

Sara Applebaum was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1942. She was one of countless children displaced by war, a survivor of the Holocaust, who eventually found her way to America with her family. After a long career in education and retiring from her position as a school principal, she became intensely interested in genealogical research.

Her first published work, was "LOST AND FOUND, A Family Memoir". A novel of suspense and adventure and family love, a search through the cobwebs of memory to uncover dark and deadly secrets that have haunted a "survivor" her whole life long.

It is to the memories of the "Lost and Found" and to the many people...both individuals and organizations, that help recover and preserve the stories...that this book is dedicated.

Our family stories and our own personal stories, make us who we are.




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