Rosalee Jaeger

Author Rosalee Jaeger, discussing her latest book "Finding Zoe" with host Karyn Foley at the Calabasas Library.

Growing up Rosalee Jaeger was torn between becoming a writer or a concert pianist. She attended a music high school, where she excelled in both music and English. She gave piano lessons from age 13 to 18, before starting college at the University of Michigan.

It was there she made her choice: writing, and majored in English. In her senior year, Rosalee won the prestigious Hopwood Award for fiction. With her prize money, she traveled to Los Angeles to pursue her writing career, where she  met and married Martin Jaeger. She decided to go to UCLA to get her teaching credential, and subsequently, taught high school English and social studies in the L.A. City schools.

Over the years, she has written several novels, screenplays and short stories,  edited three published books, many short stories and edited the movie "Jinn".

Rosalee has published one previous novel, "Love and Other Passions", and is currently working on her next novel, "September Song". All three novels deal with the struggles of contemporary women to overcome sometimes insurmountable obstacles to find love and lead to a fulfilling and productive life.

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