Elda & Ronald Soderquist

Host Karyn Foley at the Calabasas Library with with family counselors and authors, Elda and Ronald Soderquist, discussing their book "EQUALITY! Secret of Lasting Love".

Ronald and Elda Soderquist together led a family counseling center in the Conejo Valley for more than twenty years before they sat down to write a self help book for couples, "EQUALITY! Secret of Lasting Love".  The book provides practical exercises and guidelines for any couple who wants to achieve a vibrant, healthy relationship with good communication and delightful sex.

The Soderquists have used their counseling and personal experiences to construct a series of engaging vignettes and practical exercises that will let equality blossom in any marriage.

Director of a counseling center in the Conejo Valley since 1970, Ronald Soderquist, Ph.D.  is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist.  Dr. Soderquist also did his training in hypnosis more than twenty-five years ago with some of the country's leading medical hypnotists.  He has served on the staff of four colleges and graduate schools, including California  Lutheran University.  And currently helps patients in his Westlake office.

Elda Soderquist earned her masterís degree in Marriage and Family Therapy while having careers as a Registered Nurse and high school English teacher. She quickly discovered her medical and teaching experiences were wonderful resources as she guided families and couples into healthier, happier relationships.

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