Doug Goodwin

Author and Musician, Doug Goodwin, discussing his career with host Karyn Foley at the Calabasas Library.


Tune in to hear Mr. Goodwin talk about his book, "And Then I Wrote", a song folio of over 300 songs, an ideal tool for theater groups who wish to enhance their productions with songs.

Doug Goodwin, ASCAP, has written songs for movies, television, stage, and records. Some of which include, "Hey There It's Yogi Bear," "The Man Called Flintstone," "Santa and the Three Bears," "A Pink Christmas," "The Pink Panther Shows" (many TV seasons) and "The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas."

In the mid 1980s, at the urging of his neighbors, Doug put his songwriting skills to work in writing a song to spread the word about Calabasas and, at the time, promote the drive to cityhood.  Doug published "The Calabasas Song", which is the official song of the City.

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