Jenna Conwisar

Calabasas High School student, and author Jenna Conwisar is with host Karyn Foley at the Calabasas Library.

Tune in to hear Jenna Conwisar discuss her children's book, "Paris Goes to Los Angeles"


The book is the sixth in the “My Friend Paris” series of children’s books created by Jenna’s cousins Paris and Liberty Morris.

In “Paris Goes to Los Angeles,” Jenna introduces children to 10 sightseeing spots in the Los Angeles area from the perspective of a child traveling with her favorite cousins.

Places featured include the Santa Monica Pier, Third Street farmers market and Angels Flight in downtown L.A., a helicopter ride to Catalina Island, Griffith Park, the Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame. The story culminates at Uncle Phil’s 50th birthday party.

Tune in to hear about this amazing young writer and her future goals and plans.

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