Tom Puckett

Author Tom Puckett is our guest at the Calabasas Library with host Karyn Foley.

Tune in to hear Tom Puckett discuss his book, "The Big Blur"

Tom Puckett has authored numerous short stories and several screenplays. Two of his one-act plays have been produced on Los Angeles stages. Tom is a graduate of UCLA with a B.A. in English. He also pursued an MA in journalism at Cal State Northridge. He has been an associate editor at RKedit for several years, providing book editing, proofing, writing and critiquing and other editorial services.

Mark Twain once said that the clothes not only make the man, the clothes ARE the man. This certainly turns out to be true for Charlie Thompson, the unlikely hero of "The Big Blur," who finds that being dressed as a homeless man (because he is one) can be the accidental ticket to movie stardom.

Through a well-paced series of exciting and amusing adventures, Puckett ably weaves many fascinating characters into Charlie's journey, while painting an intricate picture of a man whose long unrewarded struggles and sudden undeserved gains form the stitching of a new set of clothes in which he finally at long last belongs.

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