Peter H. Brothers

Host Karyn Foley's guest is Peter H. Brothers, author of
 "Mushroom Clouds & Mushroom Men - The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda"

In films such as Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan, Ishiro Honda introduced us to some of the most memorable movie-monsters of all time, capturing the imaginations of generations of audiences. Yet the man behind the movies has remained largely unsung.

In his book,
Peter H. Brothers introduces readers to the entire scope of Ishiro Honda's Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror films. Brothers covers all 25 entries of Honda's work, spanning the two decades following the release of Honda's (and Japan's) most successful film of all-time: GODZILLA. While the giant lizard would leave a lasting impression on Honda's career, Brothers points out that this amazing director was capable of much greater feats in a wide variety of different themes.

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