Stan Weisleder

Host Karyn Foley's guest is Stan Weisleder, author of "Wings of the Panther" and "The Trees"

Stan Weisleder
heads his own actuarial consulting firm with offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and is a Reserve Deputy with the LA Sheriff’s Department assigned to the Special Victims Bureau as a Detective.

Mr. Weisleder's book, "Wings of the Panther" is a story about one man's dream that took him from Harlem to the segregated South, to North Africa and ultimate glory over the skies of Italy and Germany during WWII. He returned to a country still not ready to recognize his achievements.  The 332nd Fighter Group, consisted of four squadrons of black fighter pilots who had to fight not only the Luftwaffe, but also the U.S. Army Air Corp before they could gain recognition.

"The Trees" is an epic novel told in Godfather fashion about a handful of childhood friends who make it out of the slums of Brooklyn and reunite as young adults during the years of mob-controlled Las Vegas.

Mr. Weisleder is currently completing his third novel, The Easy Way, based on his personal experiences with the Sheriff Department.

Tune in to hear him discuss his novels, his career and his future plans.
fascinating and informative interview that you don't want to miss.

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