The Communications & Technology Commission meets regularly, not less than quarterly, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 7:00pm, in the Council Chambers (subject to change)

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City of Calabasas
100 Civic Center Way
Calabasas, CA 91302

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M-Th, 7:30am-5:30pm
Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm
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Richard Sherman, Chair
Carey Melcher, Vice Chair
Michael Brockman
Richard Cassel
Candice Weber
Miriam Gorbatov, Student Member
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Deborah Steller, Media, Library and Information Services Director

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A. The commission shall consist of five (5) members who shall be lawful residents of the city and electors during their respective terms of office.

B. Commissioners nominated by individual councilmembers shall have a term lasting for the lesser of two (2) years or until the expiration of the term of the councilmember who nominated that commissioner. Notwithstanding the expiration of a term, a commissioner shall continue until his or her successor has been appointed.

C. If a vacancy occurs other than by expiration of a term, a new commissioner shall be appointed in the manner as set forth in this section and shall serve the unexpired portion of the term.

D. The commission may appoint or reappoint a high school student lawfully resident in the city as a nonvoting commissioner for a one-year term.



The commissioners shall serve without compensation, but may receive reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses incurred in connection with the performance of their duties. No expense of any kind shall be incurred by the commission or any commissioner, unless first authorized and approved by the city council.


Mission Statement:

Dedicated to assuring that Calabasas has up to date technologies that will enhance the quality of life for all at home, school, work and play.

The purpose of the Commission is to advise the City Council on various matters relating to the City's cable television franchises, video services, telecommunications issues, communication technology, and other relevant emerging technologies. In addition, the Commission acts as a planning commission when reviewing and approving wireless telecommunications facilities.

The objectives of the Commission include the following:

Monitoring State franchised video service providers and, to the extent permitted by Federal, State and City law and regulation, recommending enforcement actions for consideration by the City Council;
Monitoring the status of state and federal legislation and relevant case law regarding wired and wireless telecommunications and cable television issues, and performing any additional duties related hereto;
Providing input on programming and production for CTV, the Calabasas channel, and on the content of the City’s website;
Acting as a planning commission of the City with respect to wireless communication facilities, holding public hearings on proposed applications and related Conditional Use Permits, and related actions as provided by Section 17.12.050(l) of this code;
Monitoring and recommending adoption of or further consideration of technologies to the City Council; Overseeing the issuance of permits for film and video production; and
Performing such other duties as may be requested from time to time by the City Council.

The Commission shall be comprised of five members who are residents of the City of Calabasas. It is preferred that the members be cable subscribers and have experience in or knowledge of cable television, performing arts, wireless communications, business or media.

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