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The City Council will convene and adjourn into closed session to confer with legal counsel regarding the following:

  1. Pending litigation, pursuant to Government Code Section 54946.9(a), Collins v. Calabasas Park Estates HOA, et al.
  2. Potential litigation, pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(b)(3)(A), facts and circumstances that might result in litigation but which the City of Calabasas believes are not yet known to the potential plaintiff or plaintiffs.
  3. Initiation of litigation, pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9b(3)(E), one potential case.
  4. Real property negotiations, pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.8
    Agency Negotiator
    : Maureen Tamuri, Community Development Director
    Negotiating parties: City of Calabasas and Spotlight the Arts
    Instruction: Discussion regarding price and terms of payment
    Identity of property: Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 2068-003-900 & 2068-003-901


Call to Order/Roll Call of Councilmembers
Pledge of Allegiance
Report of Closed Session Action
Approval of Agenda




  1. Approval of the minutes for the July 6, 2005 City Council meeting.

    Minutes of July 6, 2005
  2. Approval of the minutes for the July 20, 2005 City Council meeting.

    Minutes of July 20, 2005
  3. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2005-210, amending Chapters 17.26, 17.52, 17.54, and 17.90 of the Calabasas Municipal Code relating to Oak Tree Permits.

    Item 3 - Staff Report
    Ordinance No. 2005-210

  4. Recommendation from Planning Commission to adopt Resolution No. 2005-958, approving Oak Tree Permit (OTP No. 05-03) for the removal of one (1) heritage coast live oak tree (Quercus agrifolia) and encroachment within the protected zone of five (5) off-site coast live oak trees (Quercus agrifolia), to accommodate the construction of a new swimming pool, spa, associated pool equipment and retaining walls at 22917 Blue Bird Drive (APN 2079-007-021).

    Item 4 - Staff Report
    Attachment A = City Council Resolution No. 2005-958
    Attachment B = Site Plan
    Attachment C = Planning Commission Resolution No. 05-330
    Attachment D = Signed consent from neighbors
    Attachment E = Oak Tree Report, prepared by Kay Greeley
    Attachment F = City’s Arborist letter (date 6-12-05)
    Attachment G = Planning Commission Minutes, July 14, 2005
    Attachment H = Planning Commission Staff Report

  5. Recommendation from the Civic Center Task Force to approve a Professional Services Agreement with GeoDynamics, Inc., in the amount of $35,000 for geotechnical services for the Civic Center project.f

    Item 5 - Staff Report
    Exhibit A – ATC letter of July 19, 2005
    Exhibit B - Professional Services Agreement

  6. Adoption of Resolution No. 2005-959, denying application of Calabasas Park Estates Homeowners Association to file a late claim and, to the extent necessary, denying the claim for damages.

    Item 6 - Staff Report
    Resolution No. 2005-959

  7. Recommendation to approve an increase to the Planning Corporation Professional Services Agreement for planning and environmental review services from $80,000 to $140,000.

    Item 7 - Staff Report
    Attachment A - Professional Services Agreement

  8. Recommendation from the Traffic and Transportation Commission to adopt Resolution No. 2005-960, designating an area along Old Topanga Canyon Road as a preferential parking district.

    Item 8 - Staff Report
    Exhibit 1: June 28, 2005 TTC Report including Community Petition from Bruce Pratt
                 and the Proposed Area for Preferential Parking District

    Exhibit 2: Municipal Code Section 10.08.020 - Designation of District
    Exhibit 3: Municipal Code Section 10.08.030 - Initiation of District
    Exhibit 4: Resolution No. 2005-960

  9. Adoption of Resolution No. 2005-964, authorizing staff to execute certain documents on behalf of the City for the purpose of applying and filing with the Office of Emergency Services for the purpose of obtaining certain federal financial assistance.

    Item 9 - Staff Report
    Resolution No. 2005-964

  10. Recommendation to approve a contract with A2B Transportation Company for transit services due to a cancellation of contract with Schaffer Business Group.

    Item 10 - Staff Report
    Exhibit 1 - Agreement for Citywide Transportation Services with G&S Transit
                   Management, Inc./Schaffer Business Group
    Exhibit 2 - Written Notification on Termination of Citywide Transportation Services
                   with G&S Transit Management, Inc./Schaffer Business Group.
    Exhibit 3 - Agreement for Citywide Transportation Services with A2B Transportation
                  Company LLC


  1. Recommendation to adopt Resolution No. 2005-961, a resolution declaring a local emergency regarding the acquisition of property by eminent domain for the property located at 4505 Las Virgenes Road.

    Item 11 - Staff Report
    Resolution No. 2005-961
    Exhibit A - Photographs of Flooding Damage
    Exhibit B - Shea Homes Storm Related Costs
    Exhibit C - California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Notice of Violation 11/10/04
    Exhibit D - Regional Water Quality Control Board Complaint, ACL No. R4-2004-0066
    Exhibit E - Plan of Proposed Storm Drain Improvements, 4505 Las Virgenes Road
    Exhibit F - Schedule of Proposed Storm Drain Improvements, 4505 Las Virgenes Road

  2. Recommendation to adopt Resolution No. 2005-962, a resolution of necessity to acquire property by eminent domain for the property located at 4505 Las Virgenes Road (California Code of Civil Procedure 1245.220).

    Item 12 - Staff Report
    Resolution No. 2005-962
    Exhibit A - Plan of Proposed Temporary and  Permanent Storm Drain Construction
                   Easements for 4505 Las Virgenes Road
    Exhibit B - Storm Drain Line Construction Schedule
    Exhibit C - Notices of Hearing
                   (A) Automoco
                   (B) General Electric Capital Assurance Company
                   (C) Acorn


  1. Presentation on Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) regulation status for Malibu Creek and rural watersheds, and Los Angeles River watershed.

    Item 13 - Staff Report
    Attachment A - September 14, 2004 Staff Report


  1. Discussion of watershed management plan, strategy and options.

    Item 14 - Staff Report
    Review of Watershed Management Plan and Funding Options
    Proposal for agreement between Conservation Strategy Group And the City of Calabasas and Potential Other Cities To develop a funding strategy for funding water quality projects
  2. Motion to waive further reading and introduction of Ordinance No. 2005-211, amending Chapter 2.41 and repealing Chapter 2.32 and Section 17.70.050 of the Calabasas Municipal Code to merge the Education Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission.

    Item 15 - Staff Report
    Ordinance No. 2005-211

  3. Adoption of Resolution No. 2005-963, initiating legal proceedings to vacate a portion of Pansy Drive west of Elm Street in the Calabasas Highlands.

    Item 16 - Staff Report
    Attachment A - Location Map
    Attachment B - Resolution No. 2005-963
    Attachment C - Proposed Street Vacation Document and Map
    Attachment D - P.C. Resolution No. 04-295
    Attachment E - Letter from Water District
    Attachment F - Letter from Mr. Shirloo (with Site Plan and Pictures)
    Attachment G - Letter from property owner

  4. Discussion regarding Hurricane Katrina

    Item 17 - Staff Report


  1. August 2005 Check Register.

    Check Register




Future Agenda Items


The City Council will adjourn in the memory of Frank Farmer, Julie Siem and Asker Hansen.


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