You can CHECK OUT all items except for:

  • Rental items, items on hold.

  • Some music CDs and some foreign films.

You can RENEW items if:

  • It is an eligible item, which means no DVDs, Encyclopedias, Rentals, Magazines, etc.

  • There are no holds on the item.

  • You are not over your renewal limit.

You CAN NOT USE Self-Check Machine if:

  • You have fines greater than $5.

  • You have overdue items.

  • You have blocks on your account not related to fines or overdue items
    (i.e. Invalid card, expired card, etc).

  • The Self-Check Machine will give this message if any of the above occur:
    Invalid Card. Please Take Items to Front Desk.

  • You CAN NOT RETURN items at the Self-Check Machine.

ACCOUNT INFO will give you:

  • Items Checked Out

  • Items Overdue

  • Hold Requests

  • Ready for Pick Up

  • Fines and Fees

  • Account Messages

Your PIN number is the last 4 digits
of your phone number.

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